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Speaking 2012

Selected Un-published Conference Papers & Public Presentations:

Paul O’Neill; "The Culture of Curating”, London Art Book Fair,
Whitechapel art gallery, London.

Paul O’Neill; “Imagining the Audience”; Two-day Seminar,
OrganSymposiumized by MAP, BIO Rio, Stockholm, Sweden.

Paul O’Neill; Rogue Game Sympoium, Spike Island, Bristol.

Paul O’Neill; “The Curatorial Constellation: Durational
Approaches to Public Art and Cohabitational Time”;
Lecture as part of Trondheim Open Seminar, Norway.

Paul O’Neill; “The Curatorial-as-Constellation”; Lecture and
Moderation of Closing Discussion as part of Exhibition as
Medium: End Symposium, The Showroom Gallery, London.

Paul O’Neill; “The Exhibition as Medium and the Curatorial
Constellation”, Gallery400, UIC, Chicago.

Paul O’Neill; “Group Exhibition as Dialogical Form”, John
Moores University Liverpool.

Paul O’Neill; “The Curatorial Contellation: Durational Public
Art”, Gallery as Community One-Day Symposium,
Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.

Paul O’Neill; “In Between the Exhibition-as-medium, the
exhibition-as-form”, One Day Seminar, Organized by
Bergen Art Academy, Landmark Kunsthalle, Bergen.

Paul O’Neill; “The Exhibition as Medium”, Radical Aesthetics:
Critical Dialogues in Contemporary Art/ Practices, A
Postgraduate Research Event, Organized by Loughbourough
University, Loughborough.

Paul O’Neill; “Curatorial Ego”, Research Workshop and Public Conference, Organised by Århus Kunstbygning Contemporary Art Centre and Institute of Aesthetics and Communication, Art History, Aarhus University, Denmark.

Paul O’Neill; “Planning Unplanned: Exploring the New Role of the Urban Practitioner”, Symposium, Organised by Barbara Holub / Institute of Art and Design 1, Faculty for Architecture and Planning / Vienna University of Technology (TU); supported by the Department of Housing and Design (at the TU), the Centre of Local Planning (IFOER), in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Paul O’Neill; “Escape and Attentiveness”, Hubs and Fictions Forum, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead.