S p e a k i n g

Speaking 2011

Conferences/ Symposia/ Seminars Organised and Chaired Since 2003:

Two-Day seminar – ‘Curating and the Educational Turn’,
with Mick Wilson, Organised with, Labor,
Budapest, Hungary.

One Day Symposium – ‘Beyond Angels, Elephants, Good
Intentions and Red Nose Rebellion’, Moderated and
Organized with ixia, Bristol.

Published Papers & Public Presentations:

Paul O’Neill; “The Exhibition-as-Medium, the
Exhibition-as-Form”; Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary.

Selected Un-published Conference Papers & Public Presentations:

Paul O’Neill; Curatorial Pathologies/ Exhibiting
Symptoms”, One-Day Symposium, National College of Art &
Design, Dublin.

Paul O’Neill; “Development of co-productive Art
Practice”; Konsthall C, Stockholm.

Paul O’Neill; “The Exhibition as a co-operative Medium”,
Artspace, Sydney, Australia.

Paul O’Neill; “Exhibition-as-Medium” Back to Back
Lectures with Chris Krauss”, City Gallery Wellington,
New Zealand.

Paul O’Neill; “The Educational Turn in Curating: Our Day
Will Come”, Part of One Day Conference: “Where Art
Belongs: Exhibition-as-Medium”, Massey University,
Wellington, New Zealand.

Paul O’Neill; “The Exhibition-as-Medium, the
Exhibition-as-Form”, National Gallery of Victoria,
Melbourne, Australia.

Paul O’Neill; “Durational Approaches to Public Art”,
Part of Iteration: Again One-Day Symposium, Organised by
David Cross, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia.

Paul O’Neill; “Curating Research Practice”, Auckland
Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.

Paul O’Neill; “Art Forum Public Presentation”,
University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia.

Paul O’Neill; “Locating the Producers: Duration
Research, Durational Public Art”; Stedelijk Bureau,
Amsterdam, Organised by SKOR and Valiz.

Paul O’Neill; “The Group Exhibition as Co-Productive
Medium”; Spike Island, Bristol.

Paul O’Neill; “Locating the Producers: Durational
Research and the Unplanned”; Institute of Art and Design,
Vienna; Lecture as part of Urban Matters Series, organised
by Barbara Holub.

Paul O’Neill & Mick Wilson; “Curating and the
Educational Turn”; Goteborgs Konsthall, Gotenburg,
Sweden, as part of conference Curating and Education as a
Room for Dialogue – Art and Pedagogy Forum, 2011.

Paul O’Neill; “The Exhibition as Medium”; Crate,
Margate, organized by Toby Huddlestone.