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Speaking 2010

Conferences/ Symposia/ Seminars Organised and Chaired Since 2003

Discussion – ‘You Talkin’ to me? Why are Artists and
Curatiors Turning to Education?’ Organised in partnership
Printed Matter and e-flux, e-flux Project Space, New York.

Public Seminar – ‘You Talkin’ to me? Why is Curating Turning
to Education?’ Organised in partnership with de Appel and
VU University Amsterdam, VU University, Amsterdam.

Public Seminar – ‘A Time and Place for Public Art’, Arnolfini
Gallery, Bristol.

Published Papers & Public Presentations:

Paul O’Neill and Annie Fletcher; 2010; “KIOSK for Useful
Knowledge”; organised by Hannah Hurtzig as Part of the
Exhibition The Politics of Collecting, The Collecting of
Politics; Vanabbe Museum, Eindhoven.

Selected Un-published Conference Papers & Public Presentations:

Paul O’Neill; 2010; “Co-productive Exhibition-making”;
Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich.

Paul O’Neill & Lindsay Seers; “In Dialogue with”; MAB Film
Exercise, Arnolfini, Bristol.

Paul O’Neill; 2010; “The Exhibition as a Co-productive
Medium”; Exhibition as the Artistic Medium – International
Conference, organized by Igor Zabel Association, Ljubijana.

Paul O’Neill; 2010; “Exhibition as Medium”; The Possibility
of the Exhibition Symposium, organized by Neus Miro,
ESPAI, Castelló, Spain.

Paul O’Neill; 2010; “Locating the Producers: Duration
Research & Durational Practice”; as part of Arts Research –
Purposes and Publics Conference, GradCam, Dublin.

Paul O’Neill and Mick Wilson; 2010; “Respondent Paper”;
De-schooling Society Conference, Hayward Gallery, London.

Paul O’Neill and Mark Hutchinson: 2010; “Curating as Caring
– A Conversation About Interruption”; Central Reservation,

Paul O’Neill: 2010; “Durational Approaches to Public Art”
Public Art Conference, organized by Barbara Holub and
Lower Public Art Austria, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich,

Paul O’Neill; 2010; “Curating and the Educational Turn”; Art
School UK, Cell Project Space, 2010.