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Speaking 2004

Conferences/ Symposia/ Seminars Organised and Chaired Since 2003

Public Seminar – ‘Art of Curating’. Organised by Paul O’Neill
and Studio Voltaire; Studio Voltaire; London.

Published Papers & Public Presentations:

Paul O’Neill et al; “Exploring Communication Practice,
Round Table Discussion”; George Hanson Critical Forum;
organized by David Blamey and Royal College of Art &
Design; Royal College of Art & Design; London.

Selected Un-published Conference Papers & Public Presentations:

Paul O’Neill; “Poetics and Politics of the Everyday”; Gabriel
Orozco Sweatshop; organised by Lisa Le Feuvre and Edgar
Schmit; Serpentine Gallery; London.

Paul O’Neill; “Curatorial Practice”; Conference on Issues in
Contemporary Curating; organised by Centre for
Contemporary Arts; Academy of Arts; Belgrade.  

Paul O’Neill; “Education and Curation”; The Para-education
conference; organised by Annie Fletcher and Sarah Pierce;
Witte de With; Rotterdam.

Paul O’Neill: “Pavel Büchler: Things That Should be Done”;
organised by Sotiris Kyriakos and Bonhams; Bonhams
Auction House; London.