R e s e a r c h

Curating and the Educational Turn

Paul O’Neill & Mick Wilson, eds; 2010;

Open Editions and De Appel; London & Amsterdam

“An anthology of new writing that argues for acknowledgment of an educational turn in recent art and curatorial production. Through reasoned and attentive debate, the course of curating and exhibition making into the realm of the ‘educational’ is analysed, using both empirical and theoretical tools.

In recent years there has been increased debate about the incorporation of pedagogy into art and curatorial practice – about what has been termed ‘the educational turn’. In this follow up volume to the critically acclaimed Curating Subjects, artists, curators, critics and academics respond to this widely recognised sense of art’s paradigmatic re-orientation towards the educational. Consisting primarily of newly commissioned texts, from interviews and position statements to performative texts and dialogues, Curating and the Educational Turn also includes a small number of previously published writings that have proved pivotal in the debate so far. This anthology presents an essential enquiry for anyone interested in the cultural politics of production at the intersection of art, curating, and education.”

From the press release.