P r o j e c t s

Neither Here Nor There

7th February to 20th March 2002

London Print Studio Gallery, 425 Harrow Road, London, W10 4RE

Artists: Cleo Broda and Todd Hanson

Neither Here Nor There was the fourth in a series of exhibitions entitled PRINTED SPACE at the londonprintstudio Gallery. It brought together two artists who share a concern with mapping specific urban localities. Both Cleo Broda and Tod Hanson examine everyday life through the mapping of city space and, in doing so, reveal the hidden forms of knowledge that constitute our understanding of these spaces. The practice of these two artists involves the ‘cognitive mapping’ of the city. They propose art as an ethnographic visualisation of the often unacknowledged, subjective meanings, which turn a neutral space into a specific place. 

Adapted from the press release.