P r o j e c t s

Inner Art

September 1997
Fire Station Artists' Studios, 9-11 Lower Buckingham Street, Dublin 1

Artists: Stuart Brisley, Vernon Carter, Dr. Francois Courbe, Shane Cullen, Pauline Cummins, Paul Johnson, Danny McCarthy, Alastair Maclennan, Anke Mellin, Maurice O'Connell, Paul O'Neill, Andre Stitt, Valentin Torrens

“Inner Art took place in Dublin’s North East Inner City, in September 1997. The project evolved from a concern to encourage and develop art in the community – one of the key policies of the Fire Station. The area itself had just come through one of the most fraught periods in its troubled history. Drug dealing, which was taking place openly in the streets, had been stopped by local people who, driven to despair by the rising death toll due to heroin, were forced to tackle the problem by a series of silent marches and protests. By 1997, open drug dealing had ceased, and local community workers and organisations had gained significant victories in their fight for prevention and treatment. It seemed appropriate therefore that any project designed to encourage and develop art in the community should be mindful of the context of all that had happened.”

Introduction written by Tony Sheehan and Brian Kennedy