P r o j e c t s

In Consistency II

From 11th February to 14th March 2000

Location: Arthouse, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Curated by Paul O’Neill

For this exhibition consistency has been projected as the purveyor of contents, ‘The Museum to the present physical state of Things’, (perhaps for Calvino, it would be ‘the Library’). Consistency reifies itself as a container of substance. Whilst Inconsistency is perceived as the collection; changing and fluctuating its contents, whilst dependent on ‘Consistency’ to define its state of existence or value.

 ‘Things that may be historically ‘Inconsistent’, but whose function and physical form remain ‘Consistent’ to their principle origin; eg. maps, plans, outline drawings, iconography, catalogues, souvenirs, information brochures, cartoons, diaries, calendars, generic consumer products, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, etc. are examples.

To be part of ‘In Consistency’ is to consist of oneself; to contain self-reason. What consists of the collected object is self-evidential. Icons or things that provide meaning in spite of its ever fluctuating, historical or cultural value.

What consists of ‘the next Millennium’ when it is yet to take form. Are we to believe that it is ultimately about looking forward to a projected future-present where the past is but a thing called history? What are we left with when you can’t remember asking ‘how far back ca you really remember?’ without a guilty feeling of nostalgia and self-doubt. Perhaps the constant attribute will be that of humour, when the only consistent response will be one of laughter and forgetting.

Adapted from gallery press release