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Coalesce: With All Due Intent

15th December 2004 to 22nd January 2005

Model Arts and Niland Gallery, The Mall, Sligo, Ireland

Artists: Ursula Biemann, Kathrin Böhm, Esra Ersen, Jakup Ferri, Jaime Gili, Clare Goodwin, Tod Hanson, Adla Isanovic, Sejla Kameric, Helmut and Johanna Kandl, Willie Mc Keown, Aleksandra Mir, Isabel Nolan, Eduardo Padilha, Tadej Pogacar & P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E Museum of Contemporary Art, Marko Raat, Lawrence Weiner, Jack B. Yeats -With Coalesce Cinema selected by B+B


Coalesce: With All Due Intent was part of an on-going exhibitionary project constructed as a colourful and intermingled environment of paintings, videos, text works and ongoing projects. Works 'coalesce' with one other, overlapping and interweaving in the gallery space to create one coalescent whole.

Taking the conceptual-form of a pictorial plane, the exhibition was divided into Background, Middleground and Foreground sections, each offering a grounding, or platform for one another. Forming the Background was Tod Hanson’s exhibition-specific wall painting. Produced on site, it was be then overlaid with posters by Kathrin Böhm and Jaime Gili from their respective ongoing print projects, with Aleksandra Mir’s ‘No Smoking’ signs also dispersed across the space.

The Middleground comprised of Clare Goodwin’s interventionist paintings. Fabricated in situ, she used packaging supplied with the TV monitors to create plinths on which the video works sat. Isabel Nolan’s Death Creeps In and Eduardo Padilha’s floor-works provided mattresses and sleeping bags for a restful moment. In Padhila’s case, these are discomforting places of rest. These have been made from unwanted, discarded beds that have been washed, dismantled and made anew. 

In the Foreground, a Lawrence Weiner wall-text (happenstance with all due intent) greeted the viewers as they entered the main gallery space. Works by Willie Mc Keown and Jack B.Yeats provided a painting show overlaid onto the background. In addition, curatorial duo B+B (Sarah Carrington and Sophie Hope) have been invited by Paul O’Neill to select a series of video works that were integrated into the exhibition.

B+B’s programme, entitled Coalesce Cinema, brought together video works from a selection shown as part of Trading Places, an exhibition curated by B+B on art, migration, representation and activism. These works present diverse perspectives and experiences of migration. Video works by Ursula Biemann & Angela Sanders, Esra Ersen, Jacup Ferri, Adla Isanovic, Sejla Kameric, Tadej Pogacar & P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E Museum of Contemporary Art, Marko Raat and Helmut & Johanna Kandl posit responses to current notions of co-habitation across Europe.

Each layer within Coalesce offered alternative levels to experience and interaction with the works presented. The gallery walls, panels, ceilings and floors were literally be covered with works that both physically and conceptually overlap - producing both a comfortable and at times, disconcerting exhibition.

Adapted from the press release.