P r o j e c t s

Coalesce: 2

19th June to 19th July 2004

Galeria Palma XII Villafranca, Barcelona

Artists: Kathrin Böhm, Jaime Gili, Clare Goodwin, Marta Marcé, Paul O'Neill, Eduardo Padilha, Manuel Saiz


One of the main objectives of all exhibitions has been to have all artists deeply exploring each other's work, weaving along the installation period a new work, with preciously existent parts. That is why the final result depends on this interaction, and many dialoguing spaces are created between the work, the space of the gallery and the audience. The conceptual base to the show is then this very interaction between the artists and the space, and the way this develops while researching on the usual modes of occupation of both domestic and exhibition spaces.

Adapted from the press release.