P r o j e c t s

After an Incident Apparition / Disparition
5th September to 4th October 1997
Project Arts Centre, 39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

The lights helped to emphasise the darkness pointing each step directing into the lights away from the night it was so dark that the night helped us to see the illuminations each one carrying towards home it was always reassuring without them you could not see what was the night they offered the night safety but then it happened that something came out of the night and covered him the lights were no longer directing and holding instead they were helping the night showing every blow pausing every frame it was working against him allowing every moment to be recorded illuminated highlighting each touch every sense he could no longer see the night and that was not his deepest desire.

“Whoever devotes himself to the work is drawn by it toward the point where it undergoes impossibility. This experience is purely nocturnal, it is the very experience of night, everything has disappeared. This is the first night.”
Maurice Blanchot

After an Incident was an installation using light and sound, cibachromes, text, light-boxes that evoke a poetic discourse within a narrative structure. The viewer was constantly challenged, what was given to see or hear was never clear, meaning itself shaped by point of view and perception. Both narrative and semi-autobiographical, After an Incident addresses the boundaries that define the nature of fiction, image and art derived from the experiential.

Adapted from the gallery press release.